7 reasons to start spinning poi

1) It’s beautiful! Fire performance – particularly poi spinning – is incredibly pleasing from an aesthetic point of view. Fire in the hands of an experienced spinner is charming and the apparent simplicity of the fulfilled tricks makes you think “Wow, that is amazing, I want to do the same!”
2) It develops both hemispheres of the brain. When you perform various complex actions with both hands, both hemispheres are used simultaneously, which does not usually occur. This mode of work increases the amount of white matter in the parietal lobe by 5%, and rewards with invaluable skills such as ability to brew tea with one hand and make a sandwich with the other at the same time (if you have cut or doused yourself with boiling water in a futile attempt to carry out this simple test – you should obviously try poi spinning in order to improve your coordination!)
3) It develops spatial thinking and coordination skills. To perform most movements, you need to be able to picture all trajectories of poi rotation and that requires a good sense of space and rhythm, the ability to see oneself from the outside and to “program” your further actions in order to achieve desired results. By the way, the “head-to-hands” cognitive interface in a majority of people isn’t properly or at all developed. In order to create and improve this, a coach is necessary.
4) It helps you get in shape and stay fit. If you want to reduce your weight then you should probably try jogging and proper nutrition, but poi spinning will help tone your body by being an excellent aerobic exercise. And yes, if you want to start poi spinning you will have to be friends with your body and understand how it really works and of course discover the deepest mysteries of your rebellious left hand (or right hand in case you are left-handed).
5) Poi spinning reduces stress. Just 15 minutes of training with poi allows you to completely distract from pressing issues, and increased blood flow to the brain (we are still in asynchronous mode) will improve your mood. At the moment of successfully performing a new trick, dopamine injected into the bloodstream activates the pleasure center and we feel on the rise.
6) It brings people together. Poi spinning allows you to find like-minded people and make new friends, and collective practice – to develop faster than training alone. There are a lot of powerful and very close-knit communities all over the world, groups, and clubs in every major city, the festivals of fire and light gathers thousands of spectators from all over the country, it is a great way to see lots of new places, make new friends and overcome the language barrier.
7) It is for the brave. All of us love hiding behind the mantra “Umm, I’m spinning just for myself”, but eventually people learn to dance for other people as well, not just for mirrors. Sooner or later we stand before an audience. The scariest part is the second appearance on stage. During your first performance, you don’t really know what to expect and time flies, but in order for there to be a second time, to once again feel the blinding stage lights and the gaze of the people watching, remarkable courage is a must. That’s why poi spinning is for the brave spirit, for those who are able to transcend their limits and fears.
In conclusion – no matter how many benefits this sport/art provides us with, the main reason you should be doing this is that you enjoy it. Just like with other things in life.

©iSpin, Vk (translated from Russian)


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